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The air conditioning / climate control that today equips cars is a complex system, consisting of multiple components of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic operations.

To all this we must add the demanding regulations that condition and restrict the handling of these systems only to approved operators.

In these circumstances, we have considered it convenient to divide the study of the air conditioning system and climate control into 3 independent but complementary courses, which allow covering both the knowledge of the components and general operation of the refrigeration circuit ( Air Conditioning; Course ) and everything related to electronics of control and automation of temperatures ( Climatization Course ) as a specific one aligned with the regulations that allow obtaining the Gas Manipulator certificate ( Fluorinated Gas Handling Course ).

Once the 3 courses have been completed, the student will know everything necessary to know, handling, diagnose and repair the air conditioning and climate control systems fitted to automobiles currently are.

Regarding this course, the main objectives are the following:

  • Understand the need for air conditioning in the car.
  • Know the thermodynamic principles of matter and the concept of refrigeration.
  • Know the evolution of the different gases that have been implemented in the automotive world.
  • Identify and understand the operation of the different components used by the air conditioning system.
  • Learn the safety rules in the handling of gases and know some repair equipment for the system.

Covering Topics

Air Conditioning in the Car (13 minutes)

Microclimate in the cabin
Influence of temperature on the human body
Knowledge Test

Basic theory of refrigeration (39 minutes)

Heat and temperature
Heat transmission
Changes of state
Knowledge test

Components of the air conditioning circuit (138 minutes)

Refrigerateing unit
Mollier diagram
Gas R-12 / Gas R-134a
Alternative Gas R-744 y 1234yf
Oil used in the Air Conditioning circuit
The compressor
The condenser
Receiver dryer / Accumulator
Expansion valve / Orifice tube
The evaporator
Knowledge test

Air Conditioning circuit (48 minutes)

System protections
Operation and regulation of the system
Repair equipment and safety standards
Knowledge Test

Self assessement (25 minutes)

Self evaluation


4 hours 24 minutes


Self Study

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