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With the evolution and implementation of new technologies in the automotive industry, how to diagnose an impact on the vehicle becomes a complicated technical process. Therefore diagnosis technicians must be continuously learning and systems used and useful tools that should be used for proper repair.

In this course, it will seek to guide the technical diagnosis on logical reasoning techniques to be performed to obtain a quick and effective remedy. Also, different types of diagnostic equipment, tools and techniques for tracking faults facilitate final repair will be described.

The main objectives of the course are:

  • Understand and analyze the importance of customer communication.
  • Saber gather information for a correct diagnosis.
  • Adjust the sequence of jobs available means to optimize resources.
  • Differentiate diagnosis methods depending on the nature of the issue.
  • Recognize different equipment and tools available on the market and use.
  • Interpretation of measurement units.
  • Knowing the importance of a logical sequence of work and logical sequence of diagnosis.

Covering Topics

Diagnostic processes (61 minutes)

Principles of diagnosis
Optimization of available resources
Test of knowledge
Reproducing the incident with the client
Interaction with the client
Reproducing the incident with the client
Test of knowledge

Information collection (48 minutes)

Vehicle identification
Fault code
Technical assistance
Test of knowledge

Tests and verifications (13 minutes)

Static or visual tests
Test of knowledge

Self-diagnosis and electronic diagnosis (52 minutes)

Equipment specifications
Diagnosis by EOBD
Configurations or Adaptations
Test of knowledge

Specific equipment for checking and diagnosis (128 minutes)

Gas measurement equipment
Optical equipment
Pressure equipment
Sound equipment
Temperature equipment
Noise equipment
Test of knowledge

Conversion of units of measure (36 minutes)

Measurement units
Units of speed and distance
Power units
Units of mass
Pressure units
Ohms law
Heat units
Test of knowledge

Logical sequence of work for diagnosis (34 minutes)

Logical sequence of diagnosis
Logical Sequence of diagnostics
Test of knowledge
Diagnostic videos
Checking for coolant leaks
Checking the electric EGR
Checking the current of the alternator
Checking brake discs for warping
Verification of the electricity consumption at rest with multimeter
Check and diagnosis of the FAP particle filter
Checking the operation of the thermostat

Self-assessment (37 minutes)



7 hours 29 minutes


Self Study


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