Diesel Anti-Pollution

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The strict directives imposed by different international administrations are requiring manufacturers to develop very diverse and advanced technology in the area of controlling exhaust gas of diesel engines emissions. In this course we will analyse the compounds derived from combustion, which of these compounds are harmful to the environment and what technological solutions are proposed by manufacturers to mitigate each of them.

The main objectives of this course are:

  • Discover the aspects related with combustion,the polluting agents that are generated and their effect on the environment.
  • Learn about the different anti-pollution regulations and their particularities.
  • Discover, diagnose and repair the components that comprise part of the systems: such as exhaust gas recirculation, two way catalytic converter, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), FAP or DPF particulate filters, etc.
  • Teach the student how to handle these issues with techniques for diagnosing and repairing anti-pollution systems, as well as clients, drivers and car owners.

Course Topics

Overview (10 minutes)

Test of knowledge

Diesel engine exhaust gases (45 minutes)

Gases generated during combustion
Harmful components of exhaust gases
Anti-pollution regulations
Test of knowledge

Anti-pollution systems in diesel engines (40 minutes)

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
Two way oxidation catalytic converter
Particulate filter
Nitrogen oxides reduction catalytic converter (SCR)
Test of knowledge

Particulate filter DPF (40 minutes)

Principle of operation
Types of filter regeneration
Electronic management of active regeneration15
Phases of filter regeneration
Exhaust fuel injection system
Test of knowledge

FAP particulate filter (25 minutes)

System overview
Additive supply
Soot level detection
Regeneration of the filter
Test of knowledge
Particulate filter with catalytic coating (20 minutes)
Characteristics and structure
Saturation and regeneration
Test of knowledge

Selective catalytic reduction SCR (30 minutes)

System overview
SCR system architecture
Test of knowledge

Examples of checks on components in different vehicles (215 minutes)

Audi A3 1.6 TDi (90 HP) Engine (8P1) (CAYB) (From 2003 to 2012)
Fiat 500L (2012-) 1.6D Multijet (105 HP) (199 B5.000)
Citroën DS3 1.6 HDi 90 (92 HP) (9HP (DV6DTED)) (2013->)
Kia Sportage (SL) 1.7 CRDi (116 CV) (D4FD) (2010->)

Self Assessment (25 minutes)

Self Assessment

Avg. Duration7 hours 5 minutes
TypeSelf Study

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