Direct Petrol Injection

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In the world of automotive, fuel injection systems have evolved constantly in search of higher performance while fuel consumption is reduced as emissions.

For these benefits and reduced consumption, developments of systems fuel injection has been completed in the direct fuel injection, making the injection of fuel directly into the cylinder rather than carried out in the intake manifold as embodied injection systems commonly used in front.

Direct injection differs from other systems not only in the place where the injection is done, but it has different operational modes and consists of different elements for carrying out the fuel injection.

The main objectives of this course are:

  • The introduction of direct gasoline injection.
  • Different operating modes in which the system works.
  • The hydraulic circuit of low fuel pressure and its components.
  • The hydraulic circuit of high-pressure fuel and its components.
  • The electrical structure of the system and management by the control unit.
  • The various circuits (admission on …) that make up the injection system.

Covering Topics

Introduction (23 minutes)

Introduction to direct injection
Knowledge Test

Operating modes (40 minutes)

Introduction of operating modes
Stratified Mode
Poor homogeneous Mode
Homogeneous Mode
Knowledge Test

Hydraulic system (73 minutes)

Low pressure circuit
High pressure circuit
Knowledge Test

Engine management (120 minutes)

Structure of the system
Intake System
Fuel system
Ignition System
Exhaust System
Knowledge Test

Self-assessment (25 minutes)



4 hours 41 minutes


Self Study

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