Hybrid Traction System

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For several decades the hybrid technology is being widely deployed in different models for many of the most renowned manufacturers. This technology incorporates a number of innovations, not only by the fact of having two engines to manage vehicle traction, but for all the new concepts they have had to look to make it feasible (electric motors, drive train, generator current, high-voltage batteries, emission reduction, etc.) and the different variations that have resulted from them.

Although the course covers general concepts applicable to the hybrid “universe” such as labelling, classification, equipment individual and collective protection, safety in handling such vehicles, etc. We will also analyze a particular case, the Toyota Auris, because it is a significant and widespread technology.

The main objectives of this course are:

  • Identify the different classifications of hybrid vehicles and technologies.
  • Knowing protective equipment and handling protocols prevention and emergency actions when intervening on these vehicles.
  • Learn the techniques of checking, loading and maintenance of high-voltage batteries.
  • Identify the different types of high-voltage batteries applied to hybrid systems.
  • Know the basics of electric motors and generators.
  • Knowing the different technologies applied to trans-axis hybrid.
  • Identify and know how to control the various components of the hybrid system Toyota Auris.
  • Know the technologies applied to the braking system, air conditioning and engine combustion Toyota Auris

Covering Topics

Introduction (40 minutes)

Hybrid vehicles in the society
Energy labeling of vehicles
Definition of hybrid vehicle
Structural classification of hybrid vehicles
Knowledge Test

Safety in high voltage electrical work (60 minutes)

Effects of electricity on the human body
Individual protection equipment
Collective protection equipment
Emergency answers
Hybrid Vehicle Safety
Disconnection of high voltage from the Toyota Auris
Knowledge Test

Evolution of the hybrid models of Toyota (15 minutes)

Evolution of the hybrid range of Toyota
Knowledge Test

High voltage battery (60 minutes)

General concepts
Classification and types of batteries
Aging Battery
Battery cooling
Maintenance and recycling
Knowledge Test

Study of the high-voltage battery of the Toyota Auris (60 minutes)

General description
Splice block
Battery control unit
Battery cooling
Service Hitch
How to charge the high voltage battery
Knowledge Test

Fundamentals of electric motors and generators (35 minutes)

General concepts
Synchronous permanent magnet motor
Synchronous motor as a current generator
Knowledge Test

Hybrid trans-axle (115 minutes)

Main components of the trans-axis
Operating nomograms
Trans-axis sensors
Cooling system
Lubrication system
Parking lock
Selector lever and driving modes
Knowledge Test

Electrical networks (20 minutes)

General concepts
Knowledge Test

Hybrid control of the Toyota Auris (60 minutes)

Functions of the components of the high voltage network
Main components of the power module
Operation of the power module
Knowledge Test

Braking system (50 minutes)

Braking system for hybrid vehicles
Braking system of the Toyota Auris
Maintenance of the brake system of the Toyota Auris
Knowledge Test

Air conditioning (20 minutes)

HVAC system for hybrid vehicles
Study of the air conditioning compressor of the Toyota Auris
Knowledge Test

Combustion engine (15 minutes)

Combustion engine
Knowledge Test

Self-evaluation (15 minutes)



9 hours 25 minutes


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