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The MINI One F56 is the third generation of the flagship model of the English brand, acquired since 2001 by the German manufacturer BMW. It is a B segment vehicle, with a young design and that has a high simplicity and exclusivity.

Three-cylinder downsizing petrol, 1,200 cm3 and 75 kW power, with engine code B38A12A. The management is a Bosch Motronic MED 17 UDS and incorporates, in broad strokes, the following technology: direct fuel injection, VANOS system of variable distribution in the intake and exhaust camshafts, intake manifold cooled by water and turbocharger with aluminum cast housing, and a thermostat with electronically controlled heating resistor. All of this makes it possible for the engine to comply with the anti-pollution Euro 6 standard, which came into force in September 2014.

The main objectives that are intended with this course are:

  • Know the history of the brand, the different evolutions of the MINI One and its technical characteristics.
  • Study the different gear changes can mount that the vehicle .
  • Know the main characteristics of the gasoline and diesel engines that can equip the vehicle.
  • Analyze the power steering and vehicle suspension.
  • Study extensively the different subsystems that you can equip.
  • Provide the student with skills to perform the periodic maintenance that must be done to the vehicle.

Covering Topics

Presentation (38 Minutes)

Brand History
Introduction To The Vehicle
Technical Characteristics
Vehicle Identification
Knowledge Test

Motors (170 Minutes)

Characteristics Of The Engines
Petrol Engine 1.2 L Twinpower Turbo 55/75 Kw (75/102 Cv) (B38)
Timing Gear And Accessories Belt
Fuel System
Cooling System
Lubrication System
Injection System
Diesel Engine 1.5 L 70 Kw (95 Cv) (B37)
Timing Gear And Accessories Belt
Fuel System
Cooling System
Lubrication System
Injection System
Knowledge Test

Transmissions (31 Minutes)

Characteristics Of Gearboxes
Manual Gearbox
Automatic Gearbox
Knowledge Test

Drive Train (47 Minutes)

Brake System
Wheels And Tyres
Knowledge Test

Steering (14 Minutes)

Electric Power Steering
Knowledge Test

Electrical Architecture (70 Minutes)

Main Power
Location Of Control Units
Location And Fuses And Relays
Multiplexed Networks
Knowledge Test

Subsystems (150 Minutes)

Central Locking
Start-Stop System
Passive Safety System
Air Conditioning And Climate Control
Driving Aid Systems
Parking Assistance Systems
Knowledge Test

Electrical Wiring (17 Minutes)

The Following Information Has Been Contributed To The Course Courtesy Of Dis-Net.Com
Engine Wiring Diagrams
Pin Data From The Engine Control Unit
Air Conditioning And Climate Control Diagram
Electrical Diagram Of Electric Windows
Central Locking Wiring Diagram
Abs Electrical Schematic
Airbag Control Unit

Maintenance (23 Minutes)

Reset Procedures
Service Schedule
Knowledge Test

Self-Assessment (27 Minutes)



9 hours 47 minutes


Self Study

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