NOX Reduction Systems

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The strict international directives imposed by the administrations oblige the manufacturers to develop diverse and complex technologies to reduce and control the polluting emissions of the exhaust gases. In this course we will study one of the technical solutions to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides, through the AdBlue agent. To this end, the compounds derived from combustion in Diesel engines will be analyzed and this course will focus mainly on the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx), one of the most harmful pollutants for people and the environment. Therefore, the main objectives of this course are the following:

  • Know the aspects that relate combustion to the emissions of the gases produced in it and their effects on the environment and on people.
  • Know the different antipollution regulations and the particularities of each of the
  • Provide the student with the ability to diagnose and repair nitrogen oxides reduction systems with AdBlue agent as well as skills to deal with customers, drivers or car owners.
  • Show the manufacturers that incorporate the AdBlue method and the peculiarities of each one.
  • Other solutions that are not AdBlue to reduce nitrogen oxides.

Covering Topics

General (53 Minutes)

The Combustion
Exhaust Gases
Knowledge Test

Regulation Of Exhaust Emissions (44 Minutes)

Anti-Pollution Regulations
Measures Implemented To Reduce Contaminate Emissions
Knowledge Test

Scr Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (98 Minutes)

Generalities Of The System
Adblue Reducing Agent
Architecture Of The Exhaust Gas System With Scr Catalytic Converter
Components Of The Scr System
Scr Selective Catalytic Reduction System Functions
Diagnosis Of The Scr System
Tools And Equipment Needed To Perform Work On The Scr System
Knowledge Test

Examples Of Manufacturers That Incorporate The Adblue Reduction System (101 Minutes)

Psa, Blue Hdi, Group
Mercedes Benz, Bluetec
Bmw Blue Performance
Scr System On Ingenium 2.0l Engines From Range Rover
Denoxtronic System From Bosch
Knowledge Test

Other Solutions That Are Not Adblue To Reduce Nitrogen Oxides (35 Minutes)

Mazda Skyactiv-Diesel Technology
Nox Accumulator Catalyst In Bmw Without Reducing Agent
Knowledge Test

Self-Assessment (34 Minutes)



6 hours


Self Study

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