Pass-Thru Diagnosis

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Any vehicle can travel freely across the countries of the European Union and, consequently, must be able to comply with the anti-pollution regulations of each one of them.

For vehicles to follow the proper maintenance and thus meet the regulations, it is necessary for any repair shop to have unrestricted access to information regarding the repair and maintenance of anti-pollution systems through a standardized format. All necessary resources will be provided through websites, with quick and easy access and at a similar format to that of the dealer.

In order to make all this possible, the Pass-Thru or J2534 communication protocol was created, to allow to connect that complies with any vehicle the Euro V or higher standard to the official server of the brand through a multibrand diagnostic device meets the specifications of that esta technology.

The main objectives of this course are:

  • Know the European regulations on polluting emissions.
  • Study the different components of a control unit in order to evaluate the risks of reprogramming through the Pass-Thru.
  • Know the operation of the Pass-Thru communication protocol.
  • Identify which vehicles through the work allow Pass-Thru protocol.
  • Know the requirements at the workshop level to make connections via Pass-Thru.
  • Consult any BMW and MINI vehicle repair process.
  • Diagnose online BMW group vehicles.
  • Reprogram and update the software of control units through the online platform of the BMW group.

Covering Topics

European emission standards (43 minutes)

European emission standards
Program CAFE (Clean Air for Europe)
Levels of information
Knowledge test

Internal management of a control unit (39 minutes)

Internal structure of the control unit
Knowledge test
Pass Thru (52 minutes)
Protocol J2534 (Pass Thru-Interface)
Requirements for “Pass-Thru”
Advantages and disadvantages of the “Pass-Thru” system
Installation of the “Pass-Thru” on a TEXA device
Installation of the “Pass-Thru” on Bosch device
Knowledge test

BMW AOS Platform (240 minutes)

“Start” menu
“Applications” menu
“Service”, “Help” and “CEN navigation” menus
Knowledge test

Self Assesment (44 minutes)

Self Assesment


6 hours 58 minutes


Self Study


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