Range Rover Evoque

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The Range Rover Evoque is an all-rounder of the C segment. A 3 or 5-door SUV that may have three different types of engines, the option with front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The engine chosen to deepen its study is the 2,200cc SD4 diesel and 190 hp of power. Variable geometry turbocharger Charged by, Common Rail injection system with up to 2,200 pressure bar, piezo injectors, particle filter regeneration lambda probe and controlled with differential pressure sensor, Star-Stop system among other systems.

The main objectives that are intended for this course are:

  • Know the history of the brand, the different evolutions of the Range Rover and its technical characteristics.
  • Study the different gearboxes that the vehicle may have.
  • Know the main characteristics of the gasoline and diesel engines that may be in the vehicle.
  • Analyze the power steering and vehicle suspension.
  • Study the different subsystems that this model may have.
  • Make the student aware of the routine maintenance tasks which must be performed on the vehicle.

Covering Topics

Presentation (27 Minutes)

Brand History
Introduction To The Vehicle
Technical Characteristics
Vehicle Identification
Knowledge Test

Engines (72 Minutes)

Engine Characteristics
Diesel Engine 2.2l (224dt) 150/190 Cv
Control Of Distribution And Accessory Drive Belt
Fuel System
Cooling System
Lubrication System
Injection System
Knowledge Test

Transmissions (53 Minutes)

Presentation Of Gearboxes
Manual Shift
Automatic Shift
Knowledge Test

Chassis & Drive Train (83 Minutes)

Terrain Response System
Geometry Of The Axles
Brake System
Wheels And Tires
Knowledge Test

Steering (19 Minutes)

Electric Power Steering
Knowledge Test

Electrical Architecture (55 Minutes)

Main Power
Location Of Control Units
Multiplexed Networks
Location Of Fuses And Relays
Knowledge Test

Subsystems (180 Minutes)

Central Locking
Start-Stop System
Protection Of Occupants
Air-Conditioning System
Parking Assistance Systems
Electric Parking Brake
Knowledge Test

Electrical Diagrams (21 Minutes)

Outline Of The Injection System
Pin Data From The Engine Control Unit
Diagram Of Air Conditioning
Electrical Diagram Of Electric Windows
Electrical Diagram Central Locking
Electrical Diagram Of Abs
Electrical Diagram Of The Airbag System

Maintenance (18 Minutes)

Service Reset
Periodic Checks
Knowledge Test

Self-Assessment (32 Minutes)



9 hours 20 minutes


Self Study

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