Starting & Charge System

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Due to the requirements of anti-pollution regulations, the management of the starting and charging system of vehicles has undergone an evolution that contributes to improving the efficiency of vehicles. For this reason, it is necessary that automotive professionals are trained with the latest knowledge in this regard.

Consequently, this course has been developed whose main objectives are the following:

  • Know the components of the charging system.
  • Know the architecture of the overall starting and charging system.
  • Know the operation of each of the components.
  • Know the operating strategies of the Start/Stop system.
  • Verification and diagnosis.

Covering Topics

Generalities (10 minutes)

Starting and charging components
Development of the system
Knowledge test

Batteries (110 minutes)

Component architecture
Operating principle
Electrical characteristics
Battery types
Testing lead acid batteries
Charging procedure in lead batteries
Safety rules with batteries
Knowledge test

Starter motors (85 minutes)

Component architecture
Operating principle
Technical characteristics of the motor
Checking the starter motor
Electrical circuits
Knowledge test

Current generators (140 minutes)

Components of the alternator
Operating principal
Charging strategy
Technical characteristics of the alternator
Generator types
Checking the alternator
Electrical circuits
Knowledge test

Start/Stop systems (190 minutes)

Components of the system
Functioning strategy
Variants according to the functions and working voltage of the battery
Start/Stop system in BMW Series 1 (E87)
Example of Start/Stop on PSA
Example of Start/Stop on VAG
Knowledge test

Auto-evaluation (15 minutes)



9 hours 10 minutes


Self Study

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